Away From Facebook Blogging

Facebook undermines friendships by the toxic convergence of people treating it as a micro-blog of favored views with lack of control over their spread. The controls are awkward to use for the status poster and for the unbeknownst recipient. So, people tend to use the crude forms of grouping friends along with blocking and unfriending.

I imagine Facebook is a kind of continual virtual party at which all the people you’ve invited (friended) are in attendance. At a physical party would we all really act the way we do on Facebook? We certainly would share stories and pictures of our personal adventures, successes, family events, and fun. But, we would never brashly advertise our political and social angst, religious orientations. Only if we were hosting a party in which that was the explicit purpose would such topics be appropriate. Otherwise, that would be rude behavior. Facebook makes this worse by sharing our posts hither and yon. We might say something political with a small clutch of people at a party whom we know would not be insulted.

But, Facebook makes such control so difficult. I have friends who are also atheist, but also favor guns rights. I have friends who are for marriage equality, but otherwise politically conservative. It is imponderably difficult to categorize all my friends to use Facebook’s control system.

Hence, this as a solution. I’ll put the stuff that formerly I’d share further on Facebook here. Probably less of it because it will be more difficult. On Facebook, I’ll simply post that I’ve got a new post about a particular topic on Times of Bernhardt..