The American Revolution Was a Bad Idea?

Provocative, to say the least, is this article on Vox. The key arguing points are strong:

1) The American Revolution delayed the elimination of slavery in America by decades and is arguably a major reason the war was fought in the first place. It also simply served to elevate White males to higher power, to the detriment of other groups.

2) The American Revolution harmed Indians who were generally protected by England’s view that they were subjects to be treated on par with Colonials. This irked the Colonials who wanted to exploit Indian-occupied lands. One grievance noted in the Declaration of Independence was King George’s support for “Indian savages”. The genocide of Indians would probably not have occurred.

3) The USA would probably have a Parliamentary government as nearly all former British colonies have. Considering the state of gridlock we periodically see in Washington and see dominating our affairs right now, what a relief that would be. Parliamentary governments can’t break down into gridlock because the chief executive must have the confidence of the majority of the legislature. If that confidence erodes, a new election is called which happens in a few weeks time. And, it allows small parties to gain real power because they can form coalitions. The evolution of party structures in parliamentary nations is proven time and again. That evolution fits with changing public attitudes about the issues requiring attention.

I still would love to call a constitutional convention to redesign our government to a parliamentary structure.

Interesting read at Vox: