Radicalization of Whites

Johnny Silvercloud points out the fact that we now have large sections of our society that radicalize white people. (https://afrosapiophile.com/2016/12/10/white-radicalization/comment-page-3/#comment-750) He’s right. It’s clear as day. Some hope that facts can blunt this, that simply knowing that Radical White Nationalist/Supremacist Terrorists have killed more Americans than any other Terrorists can cause people to stop to change their thinking.

Sadly, facts don’t appear to matter. When Drumpf can claim that the attacks by a White Nationalist Terrorist against Muslims were evidence of good reason to prevent Muslims from entering the USA, facts are irrelevant.

It is time to call out Terrorism for what it is. These are not Lone Wolves (heroic language, there). They are people who are radicalized by groups (including some churches) who nurture their fears and aggression, transforming them into White Supremacist Terrorists. It is a process indistinguishable from that which nurtures fears and aggression in young Muslims to become Radical Islamic Terrorists.

We’ve been fighting the wrong enemy for decades. Our racism towards the world leads to 9/11, so we fight even more in ‘crusades’, fomenting hate with our bombs. They strike back with their nurtured Radicals. That bolsters fear and racism even more so that we increase our numbers of White Supremacist Terrorists…. it is now a cycle of violence, and lies will perpetuate it indefinitely? Egad, what have we done by never coming to grips with our racist slave-based economic development of the 18th and 19th Century?


One thought on “Radicalization of Whites”

  1. “Radical White Nationalist/Supremacist Terrorists have killed more Americans than any other Terrorists”

    Hey, how come this graph starts on 9/12/2001? 😉

    White people are 65% of the population. They eat the most breakfast cereal, buy the most detergent – an ethnic group comprising 65% of the population should be doing more of everything. Muslims are less than 1% of the population. It shouldn’t even be close.

    And going beyond actual terrorist acts, look at the support for violence. A quarter of young American Muslims believe suicide bombings are justified… 19% of American Muslims say violence is necessary to bring about Sharia law, and 12% say blaspheming Islam should be punishable by death.


    If white Americans were radicalized at those levels, there would be a terrorist act every couple of hours.


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