About Times of Bernhardt

In July 2015 I realized that I was peppering my Facebook feed with too much political attitude. It was making me upset and I believe I was losing friends over it. So, I decided to move to a blog for much of those links and postings. What I’ve learned is I share much less here and on Facebook (though it waxes and wanes, there). That’s not all bad. By continually being in Political High Alert status, I believe I was less happy. Constant vigilance is destructive.

But, vigilance is needed, because we live in strange times. I hope we are wise enough as a nation so that 20 years from now we are not looking back to the early 2000s as the time when America lost its way as a nation and became enemy number one in the world. I fear that is what we are doing.

Maybe it is the fact that we can spread the word so widely now that we are so aware of the deaths of young black men who have done no wrong, or only petty offenses. The same for our awareness of rape in all its manifestations, and of oppression across the globe. But, definitely on the rise is a tendency for America towards an oligarchy of the monied. More and more money is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Yet, the millions of persons in the middle class are unaware of what is happening.

So, we must spread words. These are mine, for good or bad. I hope that some future President or Congress doesn’t believe these words are grounds for landing me in prison. I doubt it could get that way, but it’s getting weird out there.


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