Oh, Mah Delicate Constitooshun!

Beautifully presented by John Metta, point by point, on how White people, being so sure we are not individually racist (except for a few idiot yahoos around and about*), are very concerned about Black people being killed by police and otherwise disenfranchised, so we can’t possibly be told that we are, in fact, racists. It hurts us to the quick to be told such a thing. But, we are racists because we live comfortably and easily in a system built for White people and we do nothing to change it. Of course, it is in our individual self-interest to not change the system. After all, it benefits our White self and our White children. We think it’s awful that Black lives are systematically torn asunder, and tut-tut about it and say not-racist things. But, we don’t even notice that we don’t even pay attention unless a White person tells us to pay attention. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Read this because it matters.


*Really, they are better described as terrorists, see the article for a bit on that.


Deporting 210,000, more or less, in the Caribbean.

Turns out that in the Dominican Republic, being born in the country will not make you a citizen. At least, not now. They are rounding up ‘dark skinned’ people with ‘Haitian features’. I can’t even imagine how this racist description could possibly make sense. Anyway, they are rounding them up for deportation to Haiti. Apparently, these humans are alleged to have been born of Haitians who had come to work in the Dominican Republic and that makes them, in the eyes of the Dominican Republic, non-citizens. Preparations for deportation appear underway. To where? How? When?

And, the USA remains silent. Are we not world leaders on human rights? Time to step up and show it, methinks.