Guns, Gays & God

All wrapped up in a single package here. The story is a brief one on NPR’s website about the US Supreme Court refusing to issue a stay of the Kentucky Supreme Court that the Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky is required to issue marriage licenses. Reading the comments on this brief story, one stood out.


Wow, that captures so much. I’m in awe of it’s simplicity. I also dearly hope someone out there decides to do this in one of those states where ‘religious freedom’ laws are being passed.


New Biblical Guide to Hell for Small Children is Sick and Depraved

Sometimes I say that indoctrination of children into a religion¬†is a form of child abuse. This is the kind of thing I mean.This links to the Friendly Atheist. He is friendly, but he’s not afraid to call out horrors such as this for what they are. Via New Biblical Guide to Hell for Small Children is Sick and Depraved.

Evolution, the Environment, and Religion | NCSE

Fascinating study of the relationship between environmentalist orientation and trust in the science of evolution. Centers of circles represent the average of people of that religious orientation, with the size of the circles representing the relative size of that religion in the population. Gratifying to see that many of the largest religions are relatively moderate to positively disposed on both questions.  Evolution, the Environment, and Religion | NCSE.